Olivier Ripoll schrieb:

The question is what size we should design for because right-clicking on a toolbar offers you 3 different icon sizes.

I remember that one of the Tango designer, Jimmac, bloggeed about how the scalable (svg) icons were not good, but they could still be a solution. Most desktops follow the freedesktop icon standards. It seems they create one folder per size. Could be also a solution.

That is probably the best solution but requires a lot of work.

But anyway, as you identified problematic icons, can you provide a better one for e.g. the table float icon? LyX will benefit from this.

I have tried, but this list has restrictions that makes it hard posting the result.

You can send your result to me directly or to po-updates<at>lyx-dot-org.

regards Uwe

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