Hi y'all,

what helped popularize git in my research group was undoubtably to
ninja into git using git-svn, that is: people like I could switch from
svn to git, and it wouldn't force others to change their workflows.

I find it quite a pity that lyx has no ninja mode. That is: a mode of
lyx that would allow me to change a versioned latex document from
within lyx, which stores its meta information in a separate .lyxextra
file, but exports itself constantly to the shared .tex file, such that
the .tex file and lyx are always in sync.

I know I could import and export manually all the time, and
conceptually, that would (seriously!) be good enough for me. But it's
too much pressing buttons  to be productive. Does anyone do it that

How do you ninja lyx into your research groups?




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