Hi Manolo,

  Thanks! I will attach the AIP sample (aipsamp.tex) that came with RevTeX 
4.1, and my LyX port of that file (aipsamp-lyx.lyx) in a separate email to 
you (too big for this list). I'll also attach PDFs generated from aipsamp.tex 
and from aipsamp-lyx.lyx.

   It would help if you could port the APS sample that comes with revtex to 
lyx and compare the PDFs or DVIs generated from those. The easy part is in 
applying the layout. The time-consuming part is in copy-pasting the latex 
source and converting the tex markup into lyx equivalent. To speed this up 
see the last appendix that I created in aipsamp-lyx.lyx (how to use lyx with 

   Latest RevTeX 4.1 can be downloaded from http://authors.aps.org/revtex4/ - 
they have already fixed a few bugs

    At present, I am experiencing trouble with the \listofvideos command. LyX 
properly inserts this command where I want it but my latex doesn't compile 
and therefore my DVI and PDF are not being generated. Let me know if you 
happen to see the same. If there is a bug we could file a report. The video 
environment is a new feature that they have just begun to support.

   If you have suggestions for improvement those would be welcome.

Thanks once again!

On Thursday 04 March 2010 12:09:19 pm Manolo Martínez wrote:
> Hi, Manoj.
> I'll be happy to help you troubleshoot the layout. If you have LyX files
> that you want me to compile, or anything, let me know.
> Cheers,
> Manolo
> On Wed, 3 Mar 2010 21:28:03 -0500
> Manoj Rajagopalan <rma...@umich.edu> wrote:
> > Hi lyx-users,
> >
> >    REVTeX 4.1 was recently released and all APS and AIP journals require
> > this format which may be backwards-incompatible with v4.0. I've the
> > extended revtex4.layout that accompanies LyX to revtex4-1.layout and am
> > attaching it. I request help with testing the layout.
> >
> >    I have ported the sample document aipsamp.tex that comes with the
> > REVTeX 4.1 distribution to a lyx file and the PDFs generated from both
> > sources are almost identical so I believe I have addressed most of the
> > issues.
> >
> >    This list doesn't accept emails over 60kB so I am able to attach only
> > the layout. Should someone be interested in the other files, please
> > contact me directly by email at this address.
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Manoj Rajagopalan

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