> Mention features from the REVTeX 4.1 documentation
> that should be tested (and fixed in the layout if
> broken) before final release of this layout.
>    * New environment: video
>    * \listofvideos seems broken (latex doesn't compile)

Nicely done.  See my other message about your compilation error.

>    * Using \cite instead of \footnote for footnotes as
> the REVTeX guide suggests. So far \footnote works but
> may not be acceptable by journals. Will using the LyX
> citation inset generate proper latex?

I don't see any mention of this in the revtex user's guide.  I don't see a
problem with this.  Revtex produces a .bib file from your footnotes and use the
bibtex mechanism.  For submission you need to inline the bibitems anyway.

>    * New feature: structured abstracts using the description environment

This works (at the level of LyX) out-of-the-box.  One can insert "description"
or other list environments and increase their nesting depth (using TAB or the
toolbar buttons).

>    * Test newly added support for in BibTeX

This should just work. More interesting are these features, which would require
changes in the LyX citation dialog (or use of ERT):

  - Multiple references in a single bibliography entry.
  - Prepending and/or appending text to a citation.
  - Online citation \onlinecite (this is not new in revtex 4.1, but maybe now is
an opportunity to implement it in LyX)

>    * Port the LaTeX AIP sample to LyX and visually diff the generated PDFs
>    * Port the LaTeX APS sample to LyX and visually diff the generated PDFs

This would indeed be a nice accomplishment.


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