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>   > I did indeed . 4.6.2, which  came with KDE 4.4.1. Is that the source
> of the problem?
> Yes, it's http://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/6522.
> There is a problem with updating the outliner. I didn't really follow this
> issue, but LyX crashes. A work-around is to not use the outliner :(.

It looks like that one! Although the original submitter states it can only
happen with the TOC on the left, while I always have mine on the right side.

But  it should have been fixed in branch 2 days ago, if I read the log
correctly. And I downloaded the source yesterday night (3/11).

I guess I'll have to use the workaround, even though my productivity drops
without a working outliner.


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