Jim Rockford wrote:
I'm running Lyx on Windoze 7 (64bit).  I was under the impression that the
following document style setting will suppress page numbers:

Document --> Settings --> Page Layout --> Headings Style --> empty

However, in the single-page document (article style) that I'm currently
working on, I still get the page number 1 at the bottom of the page when I
generate the PDF.  Am I doing something wrong?  Are there alternative
methods for suppressing page numbers?

You do it right - but this setting only works for "normal pages".
It does not apply to "title pages" or "chapter pages".

If your one-page document has a "title" or starts with a chapter
heading, then you might get another pagestyle meant for such pages.
It can be overridden with an TeX box with the command \thispagestyle{empty} inside.

Helge Hafting

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