Uwe Ade wrote:

im looking for a solution to make two different types of presentations  with 
beamer from one Source-document:

The first one is a normal Handout for the students.

The second one is a special handout for the teacher. The second one has 
additional informations for the teacher (examples, discussion points, facts 
that are necessary for teaching.

Is it possible to make this kind of Documents with latex beamer? Who does it 

Thanks for every idea.


The following works fairly well for handouts:

1. Insert into the preamble (Document > Settings > LaTeX Preamble) the command \setbeameroption{show notes}.

2. Create a branch (Document > Settings > Branches) for the notes, using any name you like. Activate the branch when you are creating the instructor handout; deactivate it when creating the student handout or the actual slide show.

3.  Any place you want a note, do the following:

3a. Create a standard environment (paragraph), which you may nest under an enumerated or itemized list item like any other text.

3b. In the standard environment, insert the branch (Insert > Branch > [select your branch]).

3c. Inside the branch, change the environment to NoteItem and insert your note.

More granular control of notes is possible (Beamer user guide, section 19) but probably requires the insertion of raw LaTeX.


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