I'd like to create a keyboard-shortcut for PDF (pdflatex) in LyX.
I'm using a Mac and LyX 1.6.5.
After some reading in the wiki and on this list I tried the following:

1) I created a file myshortcuts.bind in ~/Library/Lyx-1.6/bind/ with the 
following content (copied and pasted from the wiki and the mailinglist):

# include one of the basic flavours (cua or emacs)
\bind_file      "cua"
# add your own bindings (overwriting the included ones)
\bind           "C-y" "buffer-export pdf2"        

this didn't work.

2.) I saved the same thing inside ~/Library/Lyx-1.6/bind/user.bind

this worked, but not as I expected: Now, everytime I press Cmd-y a pdf file is 
created in my current directory not in lyx.tempbuf() (wherever that is exactly).

What do I have to change to exactly mimic the pdflatex-button by a shortcut?

One further question: To keep all other shortcut settings as is default on 
LyX-Mac I should better use \bind_file "mac" instead of "cua", right?

And finally: Does modifying the bind-files influence the stability of LyX? If 
so, I'd rather stick to pressing the pdf-button.

Thanks for your help.


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