I need to include a lot of auto-generated tables into a LyX document. What is 
the best way of getting my tables into LyX?

It seems the easiest way would be to simply generate one .lyx file per table 
and include that in the actual LyX document at the right place. However, I 
would really like to color my rows and columns differently and it seems that 
everything I try in LyX/LaTeX looks awful (the lines between the cells seem to 
change width depending on whether a cell is colored or not, etc.). I based my 
experiments on this:
I had the idea of generating HTML tables and creating PDFs to include in my LyX 
document, but that fails on the fact that all html->pdf converters that I could 
find only generate full-page PDFs, whereas I need something cropped to the 
table size.

What would you propose to generate nice tables for my LyX document?

Thanks in advance!


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