On 4/3/2010 7:03 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
Using pdfpages to put a pdf doc into my komabook book (lyx 1.6 on Ubuntu
9.10), instead of inserting the file I get a bizarre file not found error,
which states

' Error: pdfpackages error- can't find file

The file it should find, but obviously doesn't, is
but with the backslash changed for all those underscores I'm not surprised
the package can't find it. And what gives with the number 10?

Anyone any idea what's going on?

When LyX compiles a document, it creates a temporary directory (typically under /tmp on a Linux system), exports the necessary LaTeX file there, copies ancillary files (such as images) there, does any necessary format conversions of images there, then runs latex (or pdflatex, or whatever), bibtex (if needed) etc. in that temp directory. Files copied from other directories have their names "mangled" to indicate the source path, with path separators changed to underscores. In mangling the file name, LyX prepends a number (not sure why; might be to avoid naming clashes).

So the mangled file name is in fact correct behavior. The question is why it's not found. If you repeat the process and open the LyX temp buffer (Tools > Preferences > Paths > Temporary directory will point you to the parent directory of the temporary buffer) in a file manager, you should find a copy of your PDF file there with the corresponding name. If not, then apparently LyX was unable to copy it there for some reason.

Did you use Insert > File > External material, with the PDFPages template selected, to insert the file? Also, did you specify the path with that "/." at the beginning (rather than "/home/...")?


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