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Just wondering:

Would the following be difficult to implement in Lyx or to use it via
enter>file>   'external material' ?



Collect files related to a LaTeX job in a single directory.

The Perl script parses a LaTeX file recursively, scanning all child
files, and collects details of any included and other data files. These
component files, are then all put into a single directory (thus
“flattening” the document’s directory tree).

The author is Cengiz Gunay.
This looks like something that one would call as part of the converter

and how could I do it?

Define a new format, ltxpak, and then declare texdirflatten as a latex-->ltxpak converter. With appropriate arguments, of course. This all gets done under Tools>Preferences>File Handling.

There is a complication, namely, that everything is going to happen here in LyX's temporary directory. So what I think will happen is that texdirflatten will create its directory at e.g.
and now the question is: How do we export this? i.e., copy it to the original file location? Answer: We define a "copier", and tell it to copy this directory to the original document directory. Have a look at the ext_copy.py copier that is used with the LaTeX-->HTML converters. You may be able to use that, or at least to adapt it to your purposes.

Copiers, etc, are all discussed in the Customization manual.


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