On Saturday 03 April 2010 02:48:12 Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
> I get similar, but slightly better results from setting the environment to
> quotation. Like verse, the righthand margin appears the same for both the
> leftside and rightside pages. But with quotation it's slightly better
> because the closest it gets to the righthand edge of the "paper" is
> approximately doubled to a half inch or so... But it's still not right.
> And besides, Like I said, I don't want it formatted as verse. And I'm not
> quoting anyone...

Hi Joe,

What you want is the MEANING of "Joe's special paragraph" but a LOOK similar 
to the standard quotation environment. So do something like this in a layout 

% Add any tweaks you want here
% Add any ending tweaks you want here

Style JoesSpecialParagraph
  CopyStyle             Quotation
  LatexType             Environment
  LatexName             joesspecialparagraphL

The part where I discuss tweaks is where you modify the look of the quotation 
environment to match your desired look. So you'd put margin changes, font 
changes, and any decorations (boxes, shaded boxes or whatever) in the tweak 

I highly recommend you separate the LaTeX code (the stuff between the Preamble 
and EndPreamble from the LyX code (the stuff between "Style" and "End"). LyX 
allows you to stick a Preamble/EndPreamble pair right in the LyX style, and a 
lot of people recommend that, but under certain arcane conditions reusable 
code can break in a non-obvious way when you do that. I always put my LaTeX in 
the upper part of my layout file and the LyX code in the lower part so I don't 
have these problems.

As far as how to make a layout file, I have a bunch of documentation on the 
subject here:



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