Dear LyX users,

I am having some trouble using the -pdfpages- package to insert some
external PDFs into my LyX document.

Everything works fine when I use the Insert - File - External Material
menu option. However, for transparency and ease of reading, I would
prefer to use ERT and the -includepdf- command.

I am able to use the \includepdf command writing directly in LaTeX as
long as I specify the absolute path of the pdf to be included, e.g.
(whether the pdf extension is specified does not seem to matter)

For collaboration and for cross-project re-use, it would be very
useful if it were not necessary to specify the absolute path, but use
relative paths instead. For example, if the LyX document were in the
c:/research/ folder, it would be preferable to use just

However, this does not seem to be possible.(1) As an example, I
imported the example tex file provided in the pdfpages documentation
(2) into LyX and attempted to export to PDF.

With File - Export - pdflatex, no pdf is created. When I click View
PDF, I get the following error message:

File does not exist:

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance.


(1) This is a bit surprising, given that this (includepdf with only a
relative path) is what is created in LaTeX using the Include External
Document menu option and exporting to Plain TeX.

(2) Available at

In fact, this is what is created using the Include External Document
menu option and exported to Plain TeX.

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