>   Dear all: I am a journalist and writer, and a heavy user of Lyx.
>   Please let me know if you need any help (volunteering, without fee) to
>   help write or edit Lyx help files for users. I am not a techie, but
>   understand the software ... with guidance I could do it. My English
>   skills are near-native speaker level. FN

I don't know what your first language is but if there is not already
a version of the Lyx documentation in your language then translating
the documentation into that language would be a great help both to
Lyx and to those who speak your language.

You could also work on translating the English phrases of Lyx itself
into your language.  Perhaps some Lyx developer would help you
with this remotely.

If that is not enough work for you, your help with the English Lyx
documentation is of course welcome.

Ralph Boland

Had a wife and kids in Florida, Jack (Nicklaus)
Went out for a "ride" but I couldn't get back
As a ten timer being hunted down
When the wife found out who I was knowing (biblically speaking)
I hit a hydrant and I just kept going (till I hit a tree).

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