On 04/08/2010 05:52 PM, Néstor wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to make a document with some colors, and it's a report, so
I took a look at the Customization Manual of Lyx (chapter 5), and
based my new style in Koma report.

I have created a new sty file, named myreport.sty, and a new layout,
including both scrreprt (for Koma report) and my own style,

Everything loads correctly when generating a PDF, and if myreport.sty
is empty, I get no errors (and no improvements, just a normal Koma

The question is: now, what do I have to write in myreport.sty to
change, for instance, the document's title's color to Blue?

Look at the komascript documentation, which you can find here:
There's a lot of it, so you may have to search. But one of the nice things about those classes is that they provide a lot of "hooks" for you to change things, without having to get deep into the LaTeX internals. As for changing the color of the title, I do not know, as I have never had to do anything like that.


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