On 04/09/2010 03:49 AM, Abdelrazak Younes wrote:
On 04/09/2010 07:31 AM, Jose Quesada wrote:
What I would like to know is... is this narrowing feature interesting for
people here?


Or is it just me who thinks that it would improve workflow and
reduce mental load?

Not just you. The good thing with LyX is that you can navigate easily from paragraph to paragraph with the keyboard. But in order to make that feature really useful without being forced to use the mouse, you would also need shortcuts for navigating between sections.

In case it's interesting, I'll file an enhancement
request. Doesn't sound terribly difficult to implement, but I may be

Should not be terribly hard indeed. All the code for scrolling settings is in BufferView class if you want to experiment.

The other thing I've considered, along these lines, is the ability to collapse sections, a la the ability to collapse for loops, functions, etc, in any decent programming editor. That would in some ways serve a very similar purpose, especially if you could just hit "Collapse All" and then use the outliner to uncollapse what you actually wanted to edit. Little triangles at the side, like in QtCreator, would work too.


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