On 04/13/2010 12:25 PM, YURENA MENDOZA wrote:
I want to put a subscript in a chemical symbol using the mhchem package, for
example CO2pc. On the other hand, Can I put into by the same way as I enter
in a paragraph (using a box in lyx to introduce lyx code) in a Lyx formula?

In formulas, you can just enter raw LaTeX if you like. E.g., you can type "\hello{hi}", and that is precisely what you will see. If you had in your preamble:
Then you'd get the output you expect.

Note that you do need to be careful about whether the brackets are escaped, i.e., whether the LaTeX is: {, or \{. LyX displays "argument brackets" in red, and "delimiter brackets" in blue. To get the former, you type \{, ironically enough, though you will get them automatically immediately after a command.


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