On 04/13/2010 01:34 PM, Charles de Miramon wrote:
rgheck wrote:

It'd be nice to hear precisely what people would want that version
control does not provide. I have a hard time myself seeing why it is any
more than an "isn't that cool" feature for two people simultaneously to
edit a single document. I.e., fun, but hardly revolutionary as far as
actual productivity goes, at least for the sort of work most LyX users
actually do.

After using LyX for a long time. What I would like is a possibility to
manage the life cycle of an article.
My paper starts as a working paper, and handout and maybe a beamer
presentation, then a long version, a short version, a version formatted for
X, proofs, printed version, my additions and corrections to the printed
version, a version for an online repository, bits and pieces discarded from
the article that I want to keep with it, etc.

For this kind of thing, VC is precisely what you want, I think, i.e., a record of the evolution of your document, the ability to rewind to older versions, see a record of your changes, etc.


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