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> On 04/13/2010 10:43 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
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> >> It'd be nice to hear precisely what people would want that version
> >> control does not provide. I have a hard time myself seeing why it
> >> is any more than an "isn't that cool" feature for two people
> >> simultaneously to edit a single document. I.e., fun, but hardly
> >> revolutionary as far as actual productivity goes, at least for the
> >> sort of work most LyX users actually do. There's no doubt that
> >> LyXs' VC support could be improved, and it has been in some
> >> significant ways for 2.0, so we'd happily hear suggestions about
> >> that, too. 
> > I also think that VC probably provides all you need for
> > collaboration (although a closer integration of VC, comparision and
> > CT would be cool).
> >
> > For me, a main obstacle is the lack of a suitable web service. My
> > Faculty does not provide svn or other VC repositories, and I did
> > not find a suitable service on the web yet, where I can savely
> > store my data in such a way that only selected people can access
> > it. But maybe I just didn't search long enough.
> >
> >    
> I looked into some of this a while ago, and there aren't great
> options for the sort of thing we're discussing: I.e., not
> programming, and not open to everyone's eyes. Brown, as it happens,
> does provide such a facility, though I haven't yet found the time
> even to move our website code over there.
> Have you asked the IS people if they'd think about supporting svn on 
> their servers?
> Richard

What about using a distributed version control system? I use Bazaar to
collaborate with one of my colleagues. We meed every so often to do a
double merge and it works really well. No central server is needed,
although if you have one available then you can use it like svn.

I have liked it so much that I also use it between my home machine and
laptop to keep thinks in sync and not accidentally rub out work on one
or the other.



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