Great post Abdel.

The idea of sharing repos as a portable document format is great. The only
issue I have with git is that it depends on a mixture of C, shell and perl
scripts that make it hardly portable. But I could be wrong. Assuming a
working python on the system is not that bad (OSX, *BSDs and linuxes most
have them). And python is already a requirement for LyX right? So my vote
goes to mercurial.

Jose Quesada, PhD.
Max Planck Institute,
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On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 3:49 PM, Abdelrazak Younes <> wrote:

> On 04/13/2010 04:43 PM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
>> rgheck wrote:
>>> It'd be nice to hear precisely what people would want that version
>>> control does not provide. I have a hard time myself seeing why it is any
>>> more than an "isn't that cool" feature for two people simultaneously to
>>> edit a single document. I.e., fun, but hardly revolutionary as far as
>>> actual productivity goes, at least for the sort of work most LyX users
>>> actually do. There's no doubt that LyXs' VC support could be improved,
>>> and it has been in some significant ways for 2.0, so we'd happily hear
>>> suggestions about that, too.
>> I also think that VC probably provides all you need for collaboration
>> (although a closer integration of VC, comparision and CT would be cool).
>> For me, a main obstacle is the lack of a suitable web service. My Faculty
>> does
>> not provide svn or other VC repositories, and I did not find a suitable
>> service on the web yet, where I can savely store my data in such a way
>> that
>> only selected people can access it. But maybe I just didn't search long
>> enough.
> You don't need it!
> git (or any distributed scm) can do it for you. You can create a git repo
> for one specific LyX document (including all children and graphics) and use
> that as the transport medium. If you can clone over the web then fine (git
> supports a number of protocols icluding http); if not you can just as well
> send either the 'git diff' output or the full git repo by mail. At the other
> end, your co-writer would merge your diff or a local copy of your git repo
> and merge it with his own git repo.
> As I have once outlined in the devel list, it should be possible to
> streamline the entire process within LyX. This would become the often
> requested portable LyX format, except that this file would just be a git
> repo. This way, you would have access immediately to all elements of your
> documents (including graphics) but also to the full history of the document.
> This can of collaboration tool would be unbeatable if you ask me. Now, we
> just need to find someone who has the time and energy to implement this :-)
> Abdel.

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