On 04/14/2010 06:42 PM, Jose Quesada wrote:
Great post Abdel.

The idea of sharing repos as a portable document format is great. The only issue I have with git is that it depends on a mixture of C, shell and perl scripts that make it hardly portable. But I could be wrong.

For what we need, only the compiled c program is required. But in any case msysgit runs pretty fine under Windows and git has even been ported to MSVC nowadays.

Assuming a working python on the system is not that bad (OSX, *BSDs and linuxes most have them). And python is already a requirement for LyX right? So my vote goes to mercurial.

We are not at the voting step just now, this is all vaporware we are talking about ;-)

AFAIK mercurial also rely on some compiled c-code but I can be wrong.

In any case, the goal would be to rely on an installed git or mercurial, not to redistribute them I guess. Under Windows, distributing git or mercurial would just be a packaging issue, nothing else.


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