Marshall Feldman <ma...@...> writes:

> I have several questions regarding numbered equations:
>    1. How does one add punctuation to numbered equations?

Inside the equations, you add punctuation the usual way. After the equation
numbers, you don't add punctuation.  If you somehow succeed, the gods of
typography will smite you mightily.  I don't think I've ever seen a book or
journal contain punctuation after the equation numbers.

>    2. How does one make the equations be part of a paragraph that begins
>       before and continues after them?

Type the initial text, then C-S-M or Insert > Math > (some equation environment)
without hitting enter first. That makes the math environment part of the same
paragraph as the preceding text. Upon conclusion of the math stuff, use the
right arrow or space bar to escape the math environment (or click just outside
it) and keep typing (again, without hitting enter) -- the additional text will
automatically flow to the next line without indentation, continuing the same

If you insert the equation as a display equation
>    3. How does one continue a numbered equation across multiple lines?

Help > Math, section 18.


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