On 04/20/2010 11:18 AM, Shirley Ong wrote:

Hi all,

Can someone show me how I can update text using Lyx or Tex code? Basically, what I want is similar to the Bookmark + cross reference features in MS Word. For example, I create a bookmark with text "update me". Then I create a cross reference somewhere else in the document. The cross reference also shows "update me". When I change the bookmark text to "you are updated" and select to update the whole document, the cross referenced text now shows "you are updated".

Just put a label: Insert>Label, with whatever text you want. Then put a cross reference to the label where you want. Change the label and the cross-ref will change, too, automatically, though of course all the labels have to have different names.

If you don't want the label to show in output, just put it in a note (Insert>Note>LyX Note). You can put the label in a note, too, if you really don't want it to be output.


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