On 05/19/2010 03:33 PM, Yannick Fournier wrote:
Dear LyX community,

First of all thank you for the day to day support you provide through this
mailing-list. I've been writing my thesis for the last 6 months with LyX
1.6.5 in *book (Memoir)*, and I saw a lot of interesting tips.

I have gathered here the questions that arose during my composition. My
apologizes if I've missed something in the FAQ.

a) Changing cross-references links of "subsubsection" to a nicer "section":
Is there a command similar to the one for renaming figure captions (see
below), in order to have for example "subsections" or "section" instead of "subsubsections" ?

How are you getting the "subsubsection..." text? I just get numbers for references to subsubsections.

b) Preventing Appendixes to insert blank pages and centered layout:
I'm inserting my appendix child documents with "Input" instead of "Include"
to avoid getting blank pages, but nevertheless the first appendix page has a
centered page number and is always an odd page.
Apart from using "article" in the document class options, is there a way to
avoid this?

This is standard behavior for a book, since an appendix is really a chapter* and so starts on a new page. If it's just the odd page you don't want, then use "openany" as a class option.

c) Index entries use the formatting of the core text, i.e. a bold list entry
gets bold in the index too: can we prevent this ?

Just go into the index inset and unbold it.

d) Capital letters for cross-reference links at beginning of sentences:
When I make reference to a chapter at the beginning of a sentence, the
cross-reference link is:
"chapter 2 discusses blablabla....", instead of having a capital letter:
"Chapter 2 discusses blablabla...."
Can I correct that?

Again, what are you using to get these cross-references? If I do a "formatted reference" to a chapter, I always get caps. If you're using memoir's Cref command, etc, then see the memoir manual for what to do.

e) Smaller bibliography fonts:
How can I have my bibliography (external BibTek from JabRef) printed in
smaller fonts than the core of the document? For the information formatting
I'm using "unsrt" and "Default (numerical) for citations.

Don't know this one. I mean, you can do "\small" or something, but it can get reset.


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