Dear Richard,

First: thanks, your tricks with "openany" and setting the Biblio to \smaller
(simply by changing Text style, I feel stupid) provoked a reduction of 10
pages out of 240 :)
For the remaining open questions:

| > a) Changing cross-references links of "subsubsection" to a 
| nicer "section":
| > Is there a command similar to the one for renaming figure 
| captions (see
| > below), in order to have for example "subsections" 
| or "section
| >" instead of "subsubsections" ?
| > \renewcommand{\f...@figure}{fig.~\thefigure}
| >
| >    
| How are you getting the "subsubsection..." text? I just get 
| numbers for 
| references to subsubsections.

I simply use the standard option "<Reference>" and the associated "On Page
<On Page>". The formatted reference and the "<Reference> On Page <On Page>"
do not work, but we have been knowing that for weeks.
I think that my problems comes from this preamble line, that I found
somewhere in a FAQ some months ago:

| > d) Capital letters for cross-reference links at beginning 
| of sentences:
| > When I make reference to a chapter at the beginning of a 
| sentence, the
| > cross-reference link is:
| > "chapter 2 discusses blablabla....", instead of having a 
| capital letter:
| > "Chapter 2 discusses blablabla...."
| > Can I correct that?
| >
| >    
| Again, what are you using to get these cross-references? If I do a 
| "formatted reference" to a chapter, I always get caps. If 
| you're using 
| memoir's Cref command, etc, then see the memoir manual for what to do.

See above.

One more question I forgot to ask:
How do you reduce the vertical space, in itemize and enumerate listings,
between the first item and the preceeding paragraph? I tried the following
preamble commands with success only between item lines:

However, these commands generate an undefined controlled sequence upon


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