Public release of LyX version 1.6.7

We are pleased to announce the release of LyX 1.6.7. This is the eighth
maintenance release in the 1.6.x series.

From the list of fixes and improvements, we'd like to highlight
particularly that this release irons out all known stability problems with
Qt 4.6. LyX 1.6.7 is our first release that is supposed to run smoothly
with Qt 4.6, so we urge all distributors who use that version to upgrade
LyX as well.

A detailed list of changes is appended below, remaining known problems
are listed in the file RELEASE-NOTES.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

In case you are wondering what LyX is, here is what has to say on the subject:

   LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing
   based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance. It
   is released under a Free Software/Open Source license.

   LyX is for people that write and want their writing to look great,
   right out of the box. No more endless tinkering with formatting
   details, 'finger painting' font attributes or futzing around with
   page boundaries. You just write. In the background, Prof. Knuth's
   legendary TeX typesetting engine makes you look good.

   On screen, LyX looks like any word processor; its printed output --
   or richly cross-referenced PDF, just as readily produced -- looks
   like nothing else. Gone are the days of industrially bland .docs,
   all looking similarly not-quite-right, yet coming out unpredictably
   different on different printer drivers. Gone are the crashes
   'eating' your dissertation the evening before going to press.

   LyX is stable and fully featured. It is a multi-platform, fully
   internationalized application running natively on Unix/Linux, the
   Macintosh and modern Windows platforms.

You can download LyX 1.6.7 here (the .bz2 are compressed with bzip2,
which yields smaller files):

and it should propagate shortly to the following mirrors (which will
also host the .bz2 versions):

Prebuilt binaries (rpms for Linux distributions, Mac OS X and Windows
installers) should soon be available at:

If you already have the sources of the previous release (, you may
want to apply one of the following patches instead:

If you find what you think is a bug in LyX 1.6.7, you may either
e-mail the LyX developers' mailing list (lyx-devel <at>,
or open a bug report at

If you're having trouble using the new version of LyX, or have a
question, first check out If you can't find
the answer there, e-mail the LyX users' list (lyx-users <at>


The LyX team.

What's new in version 1.6.7?

** Updates:


- New -f [--force-overwrite] command line flag. Without any argument (or
  with 'all' as argument) all files are silently overwritten on export
  from the command line. Using 'main' as argument, only the main file will
  be overwritten.

- New preference setting for selecting what to do when existing files are
  going to be overwritten on export from the GUI.

- Detect LyXBlogger, a LyX to WordPress Blog Publishing Tool, if installed
  (bug 6658). See


- Layout and template file for document class "article (IEEEtran)" were
  updated for IEEEtran 1.7a.

- Do not unnecessarily truncate the text of notes, footnotes and marginals
  (bug 6672, part 1).

- Tooltips are added to the outliner (bug 6672, part 2).

- Add GUI support for big delimiters variants without 'l', 'm' or 'r'
  endings and for '<' and '>' with all variants.


- New Greek translation of the Intro manual.

- Updated Basque, Czech, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian,
  Japanese and Slovak user interace localizations.

- Major update of the Basque User's Guide, Tutorial and Intro.

- Updated Japanese Additional LyX Features manual.

- Updated French User's Guide, Additional LyX Features, Embedded Objects
  and Math manual as well as the French LaTeX Configuration overview.

- Updated LaTeX Configuration overview.


- On cygwin, install lyxprofile and lyxrc.dist by default. This avoids the
  use of post-install scripts for this task.

** Bug fixes:


- Fix a crash when reopening a hidden buffer in another window (bug 6791).

- Fix an assertion when using an empty user macro taking an argument as
  the base of script inset (bug 6739).

- Fix reverse search when the document name contains a character that is
  forbidden in LaTeX filenames (such as spaces).

- Improve reverse search for documents containing index insets (bug 6649).

- Honour physical paper size settings on output (bug 5247).

- Fix compilation error in documents containing passages in Arabic and
  Farsi (bug 6714).

- Fix direction of references to section numbers in documents with
  right-to-left-languages (bug 6711).

- Safer creation of backup files on ext4 (part of bug 6587).

- Simplify definition of \greektext (bug 6456 and 6458).

- Don't overwrite child .tex documents on latex export (bug 2434).

- Don't allow the creation multiple buffers with same name (bug 6645).

- Don't automatically overwrite files on export from command line,
  unless the newly introduced -f flag is used (bug 2762).

- Allow to overwrite files without dialog popup on export from GUI
  (bug 2844).

- Correct the LaTeX output of framed boxes (bug 4776).

- Correctly parse math formulas having a backslash as last character on a
  line (bug 6756).

- Only use the page margins if the option "Default margins" is not checked
  (bug 6699).

- Load the package "amsmath" when using cfrac (bug 6787).

- Fix chapter and section label declaration in the Tufte book class.

- Do not swallow an empty last line in matrix or eqnarray types of
  environments (bug 6595).
- Rerun Latex if Biblatex requests for it.


- Fix a warning and an incidental crash when using the outliner (bug

- Fix an assertion when copying insets from a deleted range of text
  deleted by a different author (bug 6744).  

- Correctly restore a dissolved macro inset on undo (bug 6678).

- Fix cursor positioning in ERT insets with leading blanks (bug 6746).

- Correctly handle empty custom line spacing in settings (bug 6649).

- Correctly display color changes in math formulas (bug 4071).

- Make sure that the '|'-character in headings does not confuse the TOC
  list in navigate menu (bug 2009).

- Do not report the word count by the spellchecker twice (bug 6254).

- Fix the display of the "Address" environment in LyX when using the 
  elsart layout (bug 3930). (Note: elsart.layout is obsolete, please use
  elsarticle.layout instead).

- Clear an existing selection when using "Navigate Back" (bug 6686).

- Correctly paint the button for external material when the "Preview"
  attribute is not defined (bug 6677).

- Box dialog: horizontal box alignment is only possible with a simple
  frame and without an inner box

- Box dialog: without an inner box the specification of the width is only
  possible with a simple frame (bug 6721).

- Use correct fonts for rendering the \underbar and \ensuremath macros in
  math when they are nested in certain environments (bug 6729 and 6745).

- Use display-formatted file name when asking about removing an emergency

- Do not open buffers in tabs when calling buffer-switch while the option
  to open buffers in tabs is turned off (bug 5942).


- Adapt the tufte example documents to the requirements of recent releases
  of the tufte-handout and tufte-book classes.

- Correct typos and font styles in the LaTeXConfig.lyx document.

- Add wasysym to LaTeXConfig.lyx (bug 6752).


- Fix building with Fedora 13 and potentially other recent linux

- CMake: Install all but the binaries into the 'Resource' folder.

- Several fixes to the cmake build procedure.

- When compiling using automake >= 1.11, use the nicer `silent rules'
  output format.

- Check whether the wasysym package is installed (bug 6752).

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