I just installed Lyx on Win 7, 64 Bit, German. Lyx (1.6.7) is also in

there is one big problem with Lyx that I can't work around. Any time you
click on something, which should open a file window (e.g., open a file, new
file from template, save as, open a skin file, ...) LYX goes to background
(change of color, like it should) but comes back on top after 1/10th of a
second without showing the file window. In other words, I never see the file

Also changing the GUI-language doesn't have any effect (I prefer German, but
thought that that might be related to the problem). 

Does anybody have an idea what the problem might be? I tried reinstalling
and rebooting so far. Also removing the write protection attributes from all
files in the Lyx16-Folder didn't have any effect.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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