Dear LyX Users,

This is a pure piece of personal promotion, but ... here goes.

Tonight, I will be giving a talk about LyX to the Salt Lake Linux Users Group. The meeting will be at the University of Utah in the Warnock Engineering building. (See below for directions.)

It will start at just after 7:00 pm.  Free admission.

Though it will focus heavily on LyX (I'm even going to demo a mostly functioning LyX-Outline), the talk will also deal with how to research, write, and publish using Linux. For that reason, I'll also be highlighting several other programs (Zotero, BibTeX, Mendely, LaTeX, Inkscape and Scribus) and describing how they work together.

If this interests you at all, and you are in the Salt Lake area, please come. It would be wonderful to put faces to email addresses.

/End Shameless Self Promotion



Warnock Engineering Building
72 South Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City

*From Downtown*

  1. _Drive East on 400 South:_  As you reach the foothills, 400 South
     will curve so that it's name changes to 500 South by the time you
     are on top of the hill.  Continue driving East on 500 South until
     you come to the 1300 East intersection.
  2. _Turn left on 1300 East:_  You will now be facing North.  Continue
     driving North on 1300 East until you come to the 100 South
  3. _Turn right on 100 South_ (North Campus Drive):  You will now be
     facing East.  Continue driving East on 100 South.  As you go up
     the hill, 100 South will abruptly turn to the left (North), at
     which point it's name changes to North Campus Drive.  Later, it
     will make a large sweeping turn to the right (East).  Continue
     following North Camus Drive until you come to Central Campus Drive.
  4. _Turn right on Central Campus Drive:_  You will now be facing
     South.  Continue driving South on Central Campus Drive until you
     come to the intersection with the street named Federal Way.
  5. _The Warnock Engineering Building_ (WEB) is located off the South
     West corner of the intersection of Central Campus Drive and
     Federal Way.


There is ample parking in three lots adjacent to WEB. Additionally, 7:00 pm is unofficially considered "after hours" by the attendants With that said, the University of Utah parking trolls are evil, aggressive, and can magically detect the presence of violators.

(Really. I have no other explanation for my most recent ticket. I had to drop off an edit to a friend and was away from the car for five minutes. By the time I got back to the car, the attendant was gone and the ticket was on my dash. For this reason, you might consider the purchase of a parking day pass (Ithey're $5.00), even though it shouldn't be necessary.

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