Dear list members,

I encountered several problems. Perhaps you could help me.

First of all, I am not receiving any mail from the 
LyX Users List <>
since a few days. So if this mail comes through, and I am not receiving an 
answer until lets say August 28 12 CET I assume there is something wrong with 
the mail from the list to my address. I am adding a copy of this mail being 
sent to my address, so this issue should be solved. 

I added yesterday a xfig created figure to my (koma-script) book and got a 
crash in lyx. Error message is

lyx QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
lyx: SIGSEGV signal caught!
Sorry, you have found a bug in LyX, hope you have not lost any data.
Please read the bug-reporting instructions in 'Help->Introduction' and send us 
a bug report, if necessary. Thanks !

and if I start with 
lyx -dbg graphics

QPaintEngine::setSystemClip: Should not be changed while engine is active
QPaintEngine::setSystemClip: Should not be changed while engine is active
QWidgetPrivate::beginSharedPainter: Painter is already active

The problem is, that I told lyx to start with the last document opened (just 
for lazyness; was not a good idea in hindsight), therefore I am not able to 
do anything with it.

What I could try to do is open the lyx document with a texteditor and take the 
(probably) offending figure out, hoping that it will work afterward. But 
perhaps somebody has a better idea.

I have checked for the error in the internet, but the related messages are 
outdated and do not seem to be related to my case (except that qt is 

I am using Debian sid under Linux, Lyx svn 2.0

Thanks for your attention


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