El 26/08/10 18:03, Marcelo Acuña escribió:
   I upgrade my computer to amd 64 bit
processor, and re installed linux with amd64 version and
installed last qt, 4.6.3.
   I compiled lyx 1.6.7 and it run
without problem.
   But lyx 2.0 alpha 4 and alpha 5 not
   I get:
lyx-2.0a5: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or
What I make bad?
How I can correct the problem?
   Test installing qt4-devel in
your machine.


  The file: libQtGui.so.4, is present in my hard disc.
  I have not problem with lyx 1.6.7.
  I think that I have a PATH not defined, but I don´t know which path because 
1.6.7 compile and 2.0 alpha 5 compile without problem.


What distro linux you have ?. I am test all alpha version and compile without problem. Also I test with lyx-devel and update with git svn without problem, in Mandriva distro.


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