I have been using Lyx for some time and I really like it.
Mainly I have been using it on Debian/Ubuntu and Windows OSs, on top
of TexLive, in particular XeTex.
I am not so familiar with the Latex code,  so I would insert commands
by hand only for the fine tuning. I use XeTex because it easily allows
me to use whatever font I need without complications, more
specifically the Hiragino.otf (ヒラギノ.otf) used for printing quality
Japanese characters and Times Extended Roman.ttf that I use for its
many diacritical marks .

Recently I would like to put in my files longer sections of ancient
Japanese documents, that have some peculiarities:
vertical text (縦書き), reading marks (訓点, appearing as small characters
either on the left or the right) and interlinear commentaries (割注
namely two thin vertical lines in the space of about one).
How can remain faithful to the original documents and put in my Lyx
file these things so that they properly appear also in the final pdf
Thank you for your help.
All the best,


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