On 09/09/2010 11:06 AM, Manolo Martínez wrote:
I wanted to take the chance provided by one of the periodic "thanks for
lyx" messages that Steve sends :) to tell my own success story.

In like vein, I just finished a 60 page protocol document
for a piece of highly configurable instrumentation.

I spent less than 2 weeks on it.  I could have used Word
like my client thought he wanted and then milked it for
another 2 weeks. :-)  Just for the record, I used the
article class.

BTW, I not a professional tech-writer.  I'm an electrical
engineer who also writes mainly embedded firmware.  While I
have many painful memories of troff, I no experience to
speak of with Latex.  The point being, one can be productive
with Lyx w/o being a Tex guru.

Feeling adventurous, I pulled down the SVN version and
used that because I wanted some of the new features not
back-ported to 1.6.x.  I suffered a few crashes, but was
not able to make them consistent enough build a bug case.
The few crashes were not often enough to interfere with
my progress.

Well done and thanks to the team who is working on Lyx2.

Ray Lillard

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