On 9/14/2010 7:41 PM, Maria Gouskova wrote:

I should add that they all used MikTeX, and we tried putting texmf in
C:\ and also in the Program Files folder (I think basically as
C:\Program Files\texmf).

What confuses me is that in Mac OS, LyX finds all the stuff inside the
texmf folder automaticallly after reconfiguring. Does this happen in
Windows? If not, is there something that needs to be done inside LyX
to help it find the correct texmf path? I am sure we missed something
really obvious.

If they are using MiKTeX:

1. They can run the MiKTeX "Settings" application (from the Start menu) and go to the "Roots" tab. That lists the directories on the search path MiKTeX uses. They can create their local texmf folder anywhere they want, then just add it to that tab (Add... button) and move it up to the top of the search chain.

2. After adding anything to their local texmf directory, they should run the Settings application, and on the General tab click "Refresh FNDB" (which runs texhash to update the LaTeX file databases).


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