Thank you. I've selected a master document for all my chapters. If I open the master document (in pdf, for example) there aren't problems, but if I open only one chapter the references in the document appears like "[?]". Anyway I can insert the references in the document so the function works well, but the output is still a [?]. Peraphs it's a little bug of lyx.
Thank you so much for your reply


On 16/09/2010 13:40, Richard Heck wrote:
I assume you are including all these chapters in some master document. If you open the master document first, then LyX automatically opens all the chapters, and they will "see" the bibliography, which you can put wherever you like. I usually put that in the master document at the end.

What's probably happening is that you are opening the chapters directly. Now LyX doesn't see the master document, so it doesn't see the bibliography. This is what the "default master document" feature is for. Go to Document>Settings, and in the Document Class pane, at the bottom, check the "Select Master Document" button. Then use the Browse button to find the master document. Now, when you open the chapter, it will know that it is a child of the master document, and LyX will open it and all its children, and all is well.


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