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Hi Guys,

Forgive me if my question is newbie but I'm indeed a newbie both to latex and to Lyx as well.I was trying to use some supported way to highlight abbreviations in a Lyx document but I found no good way so far. I also did the standard drill of looking through forums etc. without any luck.

What I'm trying to achieve is something similar to the behavior of the <abbr> tag in HTML; a way to semantically tell that a given piece of text is an abbreviation and the ability to apply a common style to all the different abbreviations.

The nomenclature package looks promising but - as far as I understand - it lacks this feature.

It would be also nice to have a capability in Lyx that automatically converts pieces of texts into abbreviations based on the list of nomenclatures entered previously.

Let me give you a quick example. I enter a nomenclature entry like: "HTML" = "Hyper Text Markup Language", for example. Later in the document when I write "HTML" Lyx would automatically recognize the text as a known abbreviation and in the rendered document all the occurrences of the string "HTML" would have been styled as italics - maybe as hyperlinks to the nomenclature list.

What do you think? Is it possible to have something similar off the shelf?

Yes, the styling part is relatively easy. One way: Document>Settings, then go to the Modules pane. Load the "logicalmkup" module. This will give you access, in particular, to the Noun character style, under Edit>Text Settings. This one may not do what you want, but, if not, then it will be relatively easy to produce an alternative if you (a) look at the logicalmkup.module file, which will be in LyX's layout/ directory, and (b) read some of ch. 5 of the Customization manual.

To make them all links would take a little more work. I'm no expert on nomenclature, so don't know exactly how to do it. But start with the styling part.


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