Dear all
I'm trying to build LyX alpha6 on a Xubuntu Lucid Virtual Machine
(VMware). The configure fails with this message:
  Host type:                    i686-pc-linux-gnu
  Special build flags:          concept-checks assertions warnings  use-hunspell
  C   Compiler:                 gcc
  C   Compiler LyX flags:
  C   Compiler flags:           -Wextra -Wall    -g -O2
  C++ Compiler:                 g++ (4.4.3)
  C++ Compiler LyX flags:
  C++ Compiler flags:           -Wextra -Wall    -g -O2
  Linker flags:
  Linker user flags:
  Qt 4 Frontend:
      Qt 4 version:             
  Packaging:                    posix
  LyX binary dir:               /usr/local/bin
  LyX files dir:                /usr/local/share/lyx

**** The following problems have been detected by configure.
**** Please check the messages below before running 'make'.
**** (see the section 'Problems' in the INSTALL file)

** qt 4 library not found !

As far as I'm concerned I installed all teh necessary qt4 libraries,
particularly libqt4-dev version 4:4.6.2-0ubuntu5.1. The system is
up-to-date, and LyX 1.6.7 runs just fine. I also tried to
./configure --with-qt4-dir=/usr/share/qt4/lib/

but it ends the same. The var
r...@ubuntu:/home/liv/Build/lyx-2.0.0alpha6# env | grep -i qtdir

returns nothing, although I'm not sure what to set it to. Ideas?

Thank you

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