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> From: "M DR" <maida....@gmail.com>
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> Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 06:51:56 +0800
> Subject: relative path for images
> Hello to all,
> this is surely a very simple question, but I'm a total no-geek and is
> driving me crazy.
> I want to change the absolute path of the figures that I insert (the 90% of
> them as a float) to a relative path, since I'm working from differents
> computers and syncing the files with dropbox. I have found precisely this
> info in these help files, but I'm doing something wrong, since it is not
> working as expected.

This is *exactly* the way I'm writing my thesis. It works fine, though I
won't call it elegant. If it's safe to assume your document and image files
all live within a shared logical root in your Dropbox directory, and all
.lyx files will be in either the single directory or a uniform directory
structure, you can just edit the file path of the target image in the
Graphics dialogue. That is,
+ doc root is /Users/justin/Dropbox/_PhD/thesis
+ image files are then under             thesis/_src/images/
+ lyx files are in structure             thesis/chapters/ch1/

So once inserting the image file through the Graphics dialogue in an example
file under thesis/chapters/ch1/chapter1.lyx — which will use the full,
system-specific file path — you then edit it to be a relative path. If
example image file is

then it should be changed to traverse (in my case) two directories back to
the shared root using the standard OS "../" pointer.

Hope that makes sense.

> btw, I am using LyX version 1.6.7,so the path idicated in the first link: 
> Layout
> -> Document -> Praeamble, is the same as Document -> Settings -> LaTeX
> Preamble, which is the only one I've found ?
> http://wiki.lyx.org/Windows/LyXWinTips
> http://wiki.lyx.org/FAQ/RelativeFiguresLocation
> Thanks in advanced,
> MaDro

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