All works now fine,LyX compiles text without any errors,and Figure is
now pav.,Part is now Dalis,and so on. 
Thanx :)

Kt, 2010 12 02 06:38 +0100, Uwe Stöhr rašė:
> Am 01.12.2010 20:50, schrieb Egidijus Kamarauskas:
> > It seems to not work for me.
> > I have attached a newfile3.lyx with my text and a screenshot with
> > errors.
> I can verify the problem and found the reason: in the latest version if the 
> lithuanian package one 
> needs to use the font encoding "L7x". and une _must_not_ use the encoding ISO 
> 8859-13 but uft8x.
> In the attached file I used this encoding. To change the font encoding, you 
> must open LyX's 
> preverences and replace "T1" with "L7x" in the field "TeX encoding" that you 
> find under Output->LaTeX.
> Do you now get a PDF output?
> If yes, I'll make utf8x the default encoding for Lithuanian for the next LyX 
> release.
> (That one need to set the font encoding in the LyX preferences instead of the 
> document settings is a 
> bug that will be fixed in the upcoming LyX 2.0.)
> regards Uwe

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