I use the LyZ FF addon to insert zotero references:

(btw, highly recommended!)

I -think- it was working before on 2.0 svn, but I may be misremembering and
it might have been 1.6...
In any case one obvious problem seems to be that in LyZ preferences the
default lyxpipe is:


But looking for that file, I realized I have instead:

I never cared to look for this before because it worked, it may have always
been like that...
Have there been changes on the way lyx uses lyxpipes?
Could this be the reason it doesn't work? In any case, it could be a problem
on the LyZ side of course. Here's a hint in that direction:
"Now I have to port it to new Zotero API, but I just have so little time to
look into it."

This single addon makes lyx an order of magnitude more useful to me. Please
let me know what I can do to help. Now that 2.0 is approaching rc, it'd be
nice to have it working by then.


PS: looks like the entire LyZ architecture is a bit quirky: "After much
opening and closing of programs I learned that I must open firefox *after*
have my document is opened in Lyx. This was the critical step that I missed.
Thanks again for writing this extremely useful program.""

Jose Quesada, PhD.
Research scientist,
Max Planck Institute,
Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition,

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