Hi all,

thank you very much for your quick and useful responses.

1. To cut the file in two did not make a difference.
2. I found a 'dodgy' reference in my list at "Wa..." (alphabetical order).
After that was removed, everything worked fine:).

@ Richard: Great hints. It must have been an illegal character, which I
could not immediately identify when looking at that reference and it was not
the first one that didn't appear. I will next time rather launch LyX from a
terminal and I will try ASCII encoding, but have to see how I go with my
special characters. Thank you for the kind offer of help.

@ Uwe: I thank you very much for your relevant comment; and you are right.
My list has resulted from the merger of a five year, multi-disciplinary
project. So, yes, I won't need all of them and should have 'cleaned out
earlier' for the sake of overview at least. And I do my best not to torture
the reviewer with inadequate referencing, though I might have been quite

@ Rainer: I would love to know that, too, how to identify non-ASCII
characters in a bibtex file.

Delighted that things have progressed thanks to you all and I learned s.th.

On 1 December 2010 19:18, Uwe Stöhr <uwesto...@web.de> wrote:

> Am 01.12.2010 14:00, schrieb Birte Schoettker:
>  However, the last times I tried to use my added bibliography in Lyx via
>> "Insert> Citation" it has been missing all entries in my *.bib file or
>> jabref library alphabetically onwards from Wi*** to Z.
>> The number of my references in my library is 1898 (!). Is there a
>> cut-off I am not aware off?
> That there is a cutoff is new to me. Does it help if you split your
> bib-file into 2 files and include them both to LyX?
> If not, does it help if you are using another citation style file (not
> harvard)?
> ----
> Just for my curiosity:
>  Any help would be highly appreciated (my thesis is due in 4 weeks...yet
>> again good timing, isn't it?:)).
> Respect! 1900s citation in one document is tough. Are you sure anybody
> will/can have a look at so many citations? I mean its the duty of the
> professors reviewing/supervising your thesis to look that the citations you
> made are correct. This already a lot of work for 100 citations. How do they
> do this for more than 1000?
> regards Uwe

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