> 2. I found a 'dodgy' reference in my list at "Wa..." (alphabetical order).
> After that was removed, everything worked fine:).

I have ended up doing this - usually more than once until all problem
characters are removed.

> @ Uwe: I thank you very much for your relevant comment; and you are right.
> My list has resulted from the merger of a five year, multi-disciplinary
> project. So, yes, I won't need all of them and should have 'cleaned out
> earlier' for the sake of overview at least. And I do my best not to torture
> the reviewer with inadequate referencing, though I might have been quite
> thorough.

I also tend to use an enormous bibtex file primarily for managing my
references, and secondarily for inserting into documents.

> @ Rainer: I would love to know that, too, how to identify non-ASCII
> characters in a bibtex file.

The main culprits I have found are 'smart-quotes' and n-and m-dashes.
Some non-english accents are easier to spot, and occasionally symbols
can cause problems too. The problem characters are often in abstracts
or review fields.
Jabref works quite happily for looking references up though even with
all the illegal characters.


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