This has probably already been answered, but if not: you need to use BibTeX
and select an author-date style. Check out section 6.5 (Bibliography) of the
User Guide, and (hmm, I thought there was
a page with step by step instructions but can't see to find it). Basically
you need four things (assuming LyX 1.6.8):
1. A BibTeX database .bib file containing your citation records. This is
done outside of LyX; utilities abound... I personally use the superawesome LyZ
utility <> to handle this for
me from my Zotero <> reference database in Firefox.
2. Set your document to use BibTeX: Document Settings - Bibliography, select
Natbib with Author-year
3. Insert a Bibliography in your document using Insert - List/TOC - BibTeX
bibliography, and point to the .bib file — you'll probably have to browse to
it unless you install it in the relevant directory of your LaTeX distro
(which is worth doing in my opinion; I hardlink from there back to where I
store the real file).
4. In that same dialogue, you choose the citation style. plainnat is the
default and works okay but it uses square brackets not parentheses by
default. Personally I use Chicago style, via this
again needs to be installed in your LaTeX distro).

The actual citation style I think is the weak link in the chain. I could
well be missing something, but it struck me as overly difficult to get a
'proper' author-year format in the manner you describe.

Apologies if I've misunderstood what you're after!

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> Subject: Questions on elsarticle
> Dear Members,
> I am using the template from Lyx for a manuscript which requires
> author-year citation in text. However, no matter what kind of efforts I have
> made, the citation doesn’t work but only with a numeral ID at the end of the
> citation. Taking an example as Jones (1995). What I want is ‘Jones (1995)
> constructed a model that …’, while the final result after transferring it to
> PDF shows ‘Jones (1995) [1]’. Would anyone of you provide some suggestion
> for such a case?
> All the best,
> Jun
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