On Tue, 22 Mar 2011, Rob Oakes wrote:

When I talk to people about LyX, they seem to think of it as a specialized
academic writing tool. Basically, a program which helps professors and
students write a thesis or articles. (To be even more narrow, it seems
like many think it is for math and physics people to write a thesis or
article.) Which is to say, a specialized program with an incredibly small
user base and use.

While that stereotype may be somewhat true (I don't think anyone would
argue that many of the developers and users are within academics),

  Feh! I do most of my writing with LyX: proposals, reports, letters,
newsletter, white papers, etc. I use OO Writer under duress; it's too
Microsoftish for me. If you look on our Web site at the downloadable
documents, almost all are typeset by TeX and I escaped academia 30 years


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