> 1) Compile Errors. Normal users aren't used to dealing with compile
> errors and shouldn't be expected to fix them. Even I don't like
> dealing with compile errors all that much.
> 1a) Perhaps we could do some sort of bisect to determine where the
> error is (either over the file itself or some fine-grained history).
> 1b) Perhaps we could improve the latex export so that compile errors
> only occur if the user uses ERT. Particularly with beamer, this isn't
> always the case.

This is an important point, and one should evaluate if it is feasible
to go further into 'asking' LaTeX wheere the error is - it would
definitley help the users to provide a better understandable error
message *if* something fails.

ERT are a different issue - if you are using ERTs, you should know
what you are doing and out of the responsibility zone of LyX.

But beamer should be refined.

> 2) Compatibility with Word. Typical users expect to be able to open
> and save word documents.

What I would expect / not expect from a word document which is
exported from LyX is:

1) Have all the content (normally this is the case)

2) Not look like a LaTeX document - I want to use it to collaborate
with word users, so the actual layout (margins, ...) are irrelevant
for me. Sections should be using the style for header 1, subsections
header 2, ... SO that it *looks* MsWordish and easy for the word user
(which is not the case when it looks as a document created by LaTeX  -
start with the margins which look horrible in word but are brilliant
in the final pdf). This refers to paragraph styles - but character
styles should be exported as they are. So a mapping would be usefull:
"Section -> header 1" , ...

2a) I understand that one wants to have sometime the possibility to
export the LaTeX generated document - but that is a different story.

3) Contain the track changes from LyX

4) Contain the comments

To go from there, I would expect that, when importing the word
document I get back from my collaborators with track changes and
comments, that

1) Track changes are imported
2) Comments are imported
3) Paragraph styles are ignored, apart from the "mapped" default
styles (header 1-> Section)

My reasoning is, that in most cases, an export is NOT done to see the
final layout (for this I usually attach a pdf as well), but for
editorial comments.



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