On 03/23/11 13:40, irving rangel wrote:
Buenas tardes, tengo una complicaciĆ³n al trabajar con lyx, al tratar de
visualizar el archivo en DVI o PDF me marca los siguientes errores;
Missing \endcsname inserted,Argument of \@firstoftwo has an extra
}.Paragraph ended before \@firstoftwo was complete.

gracias de antemano espero me puedad ayudar, la verdad es que no se a
que se deba esto.

I occasionally see errors like that, and they are usually the result of me accidentally having a displayed equation (eqnarry environment) in a section or subsection environment.

Check each equation for the environment that is being used. If it is a shortish file, send it to me and I will see what I can see.


David L. Johnson

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