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I work in the IT arena at Deutsche Bank, a user has come to me requesting LYX on his work PC

Please could you give me some information on the following:

Lyx being free, is this something that can also be installed within a Corporate environment or does this change the perspective on it?

No, you can use it freely.

It seems that when you installed it requires the ability to go to the web and pull down files, could you confirm that this is the case?

This is not necessary. Either you install MikTeX (assuming you are talking about windows) separately, or you can download the installer-bundle (IIRC this includes MikTeX).

Being a Corporate Environment we have firewalls in place and this would block certain ports, what ports does this software communicate through.

When LyX is installed, there is no communication needed.

Does the software require a 2 way ability to run.


Is the an alternative install method/cost for Banks etc?

You can hire me as a consultant to help you out and create an alternative install method that suits your preferences/needs.

Sorry for all the question but do appreciate your help

Many thanks in advance




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