Hi all,

My book has 57 chapters whose environment is Chapter. THen it has an Epilogue 
and three Appendices whose environments are Chapter* because I don't want them 
to have chapter numbers. The book's table of contents gets the page numbers 
right, but the PDF's clickable links in the Table of Contents and its sidebar 
clickable Table of Contents both bring you to wrong places when you click 
them. Specifically, they bring you to points in the book earlier than the 
desired place. I've already tried including package tcloft and using 
\cleardoublepage at the end of preceding chapters, and nothing worked.

I need to find a way around this, either by fixing the clickability of 
Chapter* within PDFs, or using Chapter and somehow suppressing chapter 
numbering and the use of the word "Chapter". Any ideas?



Steve Litt
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