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> Hi all,
> I have an appendix listing the several processes in my book, with cross
> references pointing to the pages on which these processes are discussed,
> using
> a text:myprocess-discussion-start and text:myprocess-discussion-end labels
> within the book's text. All of the cross references print the correct page
> number, but several go to the wrong page (an earlier page) if you click
> them.
> However, many of the cross references go to the correct page when clicked.
> I
> see no distinction between the ones that screw up and the ones that work
> correctly.
> Before I take a half a day or more slowly deconstructing this 110,000 word
> book to form a small test case, does anyone have any ideas why some cross
> references would screw up?
I really don't know all that much about this problem. All I know is that
when I did my thesis in LyX, I had some links going to wrong pages. To fix
it, I had to use some ERT with \phantomsection in certain places, if I
remember correctly. It's my understanding this has to do with how the marks
are set for hyperref to deal with them. I'm certain there are others who
know more, but this might help.


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