Hi guys,

I managed to write an article in lyx in sig-alternate style. I had to
copy the class into my tex installation, run texhash, install some
layout into ~/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.0/layouts. And that's
fine. And then my coworker wanted to see what I'd done, so I sent him
the directory. And now he had to repeat all of my steps.

Guys, I don't mind some hassle to use non-standard classes in my
document. But it makes a huge difference to me if the hassle occurs
for me only (that's fine), or for every coworker (that isn't!).

Please, can't you encapsulate all of the hassle into lyx modules, and
allow lyx modules that are in the same directory as the lyx file? Or
better yet: inside the lyx file?


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