Alex Fernandez wrote:

> On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 5:31 PM, Neal Becker <> wrote:
>> One more problem.  Running elyxer from lyx (2.0) gui, the displayed math is
>> missing.  But, run elyxer from command line (using --html), works much
>> better. What's going on?
> What browser are you using? Some old versions of IE may show HTML
> better than XHTML. Anyway you can add the --html option within LyX,
> adding it to the Converters section in the Preferences:
> Alex.

This is wierd.  If run from lyx export html, I see:

Line 3: * Warning: unsupported new format version 413
Line 150: * Formula beginning \begin_inset Formula  is unknown
Line 150: * Unparsed formula line \begin_inset Formula
Line 151: * Unparsed formula line \[
Line 152: * Unparsed formula line F_{n}=\sum r_{i}x_{i}^{*}e^{2\pi i\Delta_{f}n}
Line 153: * Unparsed formula line \]

But if run from command line: ../non-periodic.lyx ./non-periodic.html
Line 55: Title: ... (no error/warning)

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